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Can dogs eat provolone cheese? - Bully Sticks Central

You might think that all cheese is off-limits for dogs, but that's not necessarily the case.

There are a few types of cheese that are safe for dogs to eat, including provolone. In this post, we'll break down the specifics on whether or not dogs can eat provolone cheese, and if so, how much is safe.

What Is Provolone Cheese?

Provolone is a type of Italian cheese that's made out of cow's milk. It has a really creamy texture and a sharp, salty flavor.

Provolone cheese is a popular ingredient in Italian dishes, but is it safe for your dog to eat? The answer might surprise you!

What Are the Benefits of Provolone Cheese for Dogs?

For starters, it's a great source of protein and calcium. Provolone only contains about 0.5 g of sugars. Furthermore, provolone cheese does not contain lactose due to its preparation method. Provolone is well-tolerated by most dogs.

Now, before you get too excited, it's important to note that not all cheeses are created equal. In fact, some cheeses can actually be harmful to dogs. So, if you're thinking of sharing a slice of provolone with your pup, be sure to check with your veterinarian first to make sure it's safe.

Are There Any Potential Risks of Feeding Provolone Cheese to Dogs?

Some dog owners might be wondering if it's safe to give their dog provolone cheese. The answer is—it depends. There are a few things to keep in mind if you're thinking about feeding your dog this type of cheese. For starters, provolone is a type of cheese that's high in fat and sodium, which isn't great for dogs. Secondly, it's important to make sure that the cheese is cut into small pieces so that the dog can't choke on it. And finally, it's important to remember that every dog is different, so you should always consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog any new type of food.

How Can I Introduce Provolone Cheese to My Dog?

If you're looking to introduce provolone cheese to your dog, it's best to start small. Try giving them a tiny piece and see how they react. If they have no problems digesting it, you can gradually give them more. But always keep an eye on your dog and stop giving them cheese if they start showing any signs of illness.

What Are Some Other Safe Cheese Options for Dogs?

So, can dogs eat provolone cheese? The answer is yes, but it should only be given as a rare treat. As with all dairy products, too much provolone cheese can give your dog diarrhea or an upset stomach. There are plenty of other safe cheese options for your dog, though. Try giving them some Cottage Cheese, Cream Cheese, or Ricotta Cheese. They'll love it!

Pro Tips for Feeding Cheese to Dogs

Here are a few pro tips for feeding cheese to dogs:

  1. Start with a small piece of cheese and see how your dog reacts. Some dogs can have a bit of cheese without any issues, but others may have a negative reaction.
  2. If your dog does OK with a small piece of cheese, gradually increase the amount until they're getting the recommended daily allowance.
  3. Avoid giving your dog processed cheeses or cheeses with added ingredients like garlic or onion. Stick to simple, unprocessed cheeses like cheddar, Swiss, or provolone.
  4. As with anything, moderation is key. Cheese is high in fat and calories, so don't overdo it!


Yes, dogs can eat Provolone cheese in moderation. However, it's important to keep in mind that not all cheeses are good for dogs. In fact, some cheeses can be dangerous for them. So, if you're wondering whether or not it's safe to give your pup a piece of your Provolone cheese, the answer is yes - but make sure it's a small piece and that he or she doesn't eat too much. And as always, check with your vet before making any changes to your dog's diet.

This post was last updated at December 11, 2023 05:08

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