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Pig Ears For dogs

Bully Sticks CentralSKU: Pig-Ear-3-Unit

Pack Size: 3 Ears
Sale price$7.99

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 85%

Crude Fat: 1.0%

Crude Fiber: 50%

Moisture: 10%

Calorie Content: 3,400


If your dog is struggling with boredom or anxiety, lend them an ear - a Pig Ear, that is. Soft and chewy cartilage make for the most soothing of chewing sessions. They’re easy on the teeth and gums and are just as useful for delighting doggie taste buds. This makes them wonderful treat options for teething puppies or senior dogs whose teeth are not as tough as they used to be.

Aside from being a delicious solution to your dog’s emotional distress, these delectable pork treats are sure to get your dog to sit still (however briefly). Ideal for the casual chewer, ears are suitable for dogs of all sizes, both big and small. On average, Pig Ears last around 20-30 minutes, the exact time will vary depending on how enthusiastic a chewer you have on your hands.

Despite not being as hard as a Bully Stick, Pig Ears are also effective at promoting healthy dental hygiene. The natural ridges of the cartilage exterior will gently scrape away plaque and tartar with everything bite. Your dog gets a delicious snack and you, the pet owner, can enjoy fresher-smelling dog kisses. This means fewer visits to the doggy dentist and a lower likelihood of dental disease for your pup.

Delicious Pig Ears for Dogs & Puppies

If you couldn’t already tell by looking at it, Bully Sticks Central’s Pig Ears are 100% pork and made of genuine pig ear. Our single-ingredient chew is made from ethically sourced pork and is easily digestible. Brimming with protein and essential amino acids, each chomp, bite, and chew will have your dog ingesting top-quality protein. Never anything artificial like chemicals or preservatives. We also steer clear of fillers such as wheat, gluten, grain, and soy. No need to check the ingredient list on this yummy treat - there is only one!

What age can puppies have pigs ears?

Greetings to all my fellow dog lovers, Benjamin Smith here. A question that's often popped up during my puppy-raising adventures (and from many of you) is: what age can puppies have pigs ears? With a new litter in my backyard and pig ears stocked up in the pantry, I felt it was time to tackle this query head-on.

From my experience and after consulting with a few vet friends, it's generally recommended to introduce pig ears as a treat when your puppy reaches the 6-month mark or even a tad older. This cautionary approach isn't merely about age, but also due to some health concerns tied to the pig ears themselves. As tempting as those ears might look to your young furball, it's essential to understand that even past the six months, there remain inherent risks with pig ear treats. So, as always, moderation and supervision are key when offering these to your pup!

Safety Information

Please supervise your dog when giving any treat or chew and ensure your dog has easy access to water before, during, and after treat consumption. Remove small or broken pieces to prevent any potential choking hazard. Please keep in mind your dog's age, health, and current diet conditions when selecting our treats

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