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Free shipping on orders over $79 - Flat Shipping Rate $6.99

Bully Sticks for Dogs & Puppies

All Natural Bully Sticks for Dogs

Bully Sticks are a great healthy alternative to other dog treats, such as rawhide chew toys. They provide the same entertainment value of chewing but without the choking hazard and they're much healthier for your pet because they don't have any chemicals or processing like some doggy biscuits might. With Bully sticks you get all-natural beef flavor that dogs love so both you and pup will be happy!

Bully sticks are far more useful than just treats for a deserving doggo. Bully sticks can help curb destructive chewing behaviors and assist with separation anxiety, which is common in dogs as well! Chewing on food or objects helps to relieve that natural instinct of the dog's when it feels bored or anxious but if left unchecked, this behavior often results in ruined clothing/furniture from all of your hard work! As much as you love your pup unconditionally sometimes they can make us feel frustrated because their actions aren't always so great.

Why are bully sticks good?

Bully sticks are long lasting chews that help to remove tartar and reduce bacteria on teeth. They also stimulate a release of endorphins, promoting good mental health!

We know that bully sticks are an excellent source of protein, but did you also know they're a great option for dogs with allergies? Because these chews contain only beef and no artificial chemicals or additives, it's unlikely your pup will have any adverse reactions.

Bully sticks provide many health benefits as well! In addition to being high in protein which supports dog muscles, brain function etc., they help maintain dental hygiene by removing plaque from the teeth. They can even reduce doggy breath because of their meaty flavor!

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    6 Inch Standard Bully Sticks - Bully Sticks Central
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