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Hairy Cow Ears - Natural Beef Ears with Hair - 5 Pack (8 oz)

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Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 54.6%

Crude Fat: 6.4%

Crude Fiber:

Moisture: 6%

Calorie Content:


Ethically sourced from grass-fed cattle farms in the U.S. and Argentina, these cow ears with hair are dehydrated and highly digestible and completely free of chemicals. 

Appeal to your dog’s primal side with a delicious natural Cow Ear with Hair from Bully Sticks Central. Complete with hair, wonderfully nutritious and packed with flavour, our Cow Ears with Hair make for a very special treat for your dog plus they aid with natural deworming and are a healthy alternative to pig ears.

  • An excellent daily reward chew for light and medium chewers!
  • One of the best low-fat dog treats you can get!
  • The hair makes it even more natural and makes dogs more excited to chew!

Are cow ears with fur good for dogs? 

Furry Cows Ears are a tasty treat and dogs really enjoy them. Furry Cow Ears are heavier and tougher than standard Cow Ears and offer a good chew – furry treats are also great for acting as a natural dewormer (please note they cannot be used as a 100% guaranteed worming treatment!)

Natural Biome:
Hairy cow ears are washed before dehydration, they still contain elements of dirt, grass, and other natural debris, this is very common. Cow ears with hair also retain some of their natural animal scent, so you can expect a cow ear to smell like a cow! But don't worry, dogs go crazy for hairy ears that smell yummy. 

Ingredients: 100% Dehydrated Cow Ear with hair. Not treated with any chemicals or bleach. They are hand washed and dehydrated in high temperatures.  

Size: The average length is from 4 to 6 inches, they vary based on the size of the animal.

Pack Size: Each Bag contains 5 ears

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