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12" Thin Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks CentralSKU: 12-inch-small-bully-sticks-5-unit

Size: 5 Stick
Sale price$16.99

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 65%

Crude Fat: 2.0%

Crude Fiber: 3.0%

Moisture: 18%

Calorie Content: 3,580


The 12 Inch Small Bully Stick has a slightly thinner core but just as much flavor as a regular-sized Bully Stick. Meaty and irresistible, each one of these low-odor chews is bursting with easily digestible protein. Containing essential amino acids to promote healthy development and coats, these treats are a great supplement for your dog’s diet. Their chewy exterior is doggone addictive and your pooch will find themselves entertained for hours on end. 

These Bully Sticks are great for mid-to-large-sized dogs that are experienced but casual chewers. Not only do Bully Sticks last far longer than the typical dog treat, but they are reusable and can be stored for weeks. Simply dry them off and store in cool, dry places.

There’s a lot to love about these treats, but one of pet parent’s favorite features is the dental and breath-freshening benefits. Bring on the dog kisses! They’re also naturally low-odor, and a much safer than rawhide chews. 

Why Dogs Love the 12 Inch Small Bully Stick

Each one of our Bully Sticks is handcrafted by our Bakers from the top-quality and ethically-sourced cattle. We know you don’t want to give your dog just any old thing. That is why all of our protein is free-range and grass-fed. No matter their size, Bully Sticks are a fantastic and natural remedy for a dog’s anxiety, boredom, or teething-phase.

There’s a lot more to a dog treat than what is on the outside. That’s why we are super picky about what goes into our treats too. Each of our chews is made of easily-digestible protein to ensure they will not upset your dog’s tummy. Our dog treats are all-natural and free of wheat, gluten, grain, or soy, and zero chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Bully Sticks Central dog treats are the best way to reward your four-legged friend.

Bully Sticks Size Chart

Bully Sticks Thickness Guide

Safety Information

Please supervise your dog when giving any treat or chew and ensure your dog has easy access to water before, during, and after treat consumption. Remove small or broken pieces to prevent any potential choking hazard. Please keep in mind your dog's age, health, and current diet conditions when selecting our treats. Our 12" Braided Bully Sticks are rich in protein; If 12" Braided Bully Sticks are a new treat for your dog, we recommend only letting your dog chew about 1 stick at a time to avoid upset stomach due to the increased protein. After they have enjoyed about 3 to 5 sticks over a 3-5 day period, their stomachs should be familiar with the increased protein intake and you can safely treat at your discretion! Please note that beef 12" Braided Bully Sticks are rich in protein; 12" Braided Bully Sticks are considered a treat/chew and should not make up more than 10% of the daily caloric intake.

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