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6" Standard Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks CentralSKU: 6-inch-standard-bully-sticks-5-unit


Units: 5 Stick
Sale price$15.99

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 65%

Crude Fat: 2.0%

Crude Fiber: 3.0%

Moisture: 18%

Calorie Content: 3,580


6 Inch Standard Bully Sticks are perfect for smaller dogs for a long lasting chew

We’ve never met a dog that didn’t love the 6 Inch Standard Bully Stick – and we probably never will! Ideal for mid-sized dogs that are experienced chewers and looking for a challenge. These tasty treats are bursting with full-bodied flavor and are sure to excite their inner-wolf instincts. When it comes to protein, you can’t go wrong.

The 6 inch Bully Sticks are great for midsized dogs, casual chewers, or those with sensitive teeth. Depending on your dog, they may last as long as a few hours to a few days, providing them with much-needed entertainment. Bully Sticks are reusable and can be stored for weeks with proper storage. Simply dry it off in between uses and store in cool, dry places.

These 100% beef dog treats have all the essential amino acids for a shiny coat and thriving development. The chewy exterior is sure to be a hit with both pets and their owners as the ridges and crannies are great for freshening dog breath. The perfect solution for a dog that hates the dentist as plaque gets scraped away with every bite.

A Perfect Treat: The 6 Inch Standard Bully Stick

Each Bully Stick is handcrafted by our Bakers from the ethically-sourced cattle. We know you don’t want to give your dog just anything marked as ‘edible’, which why all of our protein is free-range and grass-fed. Bully Sticks are a fantastic and natural remedy for a dog’s anxiety, boredom, or teething-phase and can do wonders for curbing unwanted biting behavior.

Bully Sticks Central prides ourselves on the high-quality ingredients that go into our Bully Sticks. Our all-natural dog treats are free of wheat, gluten, grain, and soy as well as any type of chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavoring. There’s no better way to reward your good boy than with a healthy and wholesome treat from Bully Sticks Central.

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Bully Sticks Size Chart

Bully Sticks Thickness Guide

Safety Information

Please supervise your dog when giving any treat or chew and ensure your dog has easy access to water before, during, and after treat consumption. Remove small or broken pieces to prevent any potential choking hazard. Please keep in mind your dog's age, health, and current diet conditions when selecting our treats

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