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Can Puppies Have Bully Sticks? - Bully Sticks Central

Do you have a pup in your household? If so, is it possible to introduce bully sticks in their diet?

Well, here are some things to consider before adding them into the mix.

Bully sticks for puppies can be an excellent alternative to rawhide treats. They're great for all ages of puppy and they come in different flavors like beef or bacon.

The best part about these tasty chew toys is that they keep the teeth clean and strong. Bully sticks also promote healthy chewing habits.

If you're not sure if your pup will like bully sticks, there's no harm in trying!

Just make sure you monitor them while they eat; sometimes pups can choke on these types of chews."

What is a bully stick

A bully stick is a natural beef chew for puppies. It can be used as an alternative to rawhide bones or other treats that are not good for your puppy because it has no preservatives, chemicals, or artificial ingredients.

They provide many benefits to your pup's health and well-being!

However, when it comes to your fur baby's health, it's best to be safe and go with the most natural option!

As always, moderation is key when giving your dog any type of treat or chew toy.

Can puppies have a bully stick

Puppies love to chew and they aren't picky about what they chew on. One of the best ways to keep your puppy occupied is with a bully stick.

A bully stick for puppies can be a great way to help them stay busy and out of trouble, but you should know if it's safe for your pup before giving one as a gift or surprise.

It is important to note that bully sticks are not an edible chew toy.

They should be given in moderation and only to puppies who can handle them.

Puppy Chewing Is A Natural Instinct

All pups go through the chewing phase - it's how they explore their surroundings, develop strong jaws, and hone their natural defense skills.

However, this is also one of the most dangerous phases in your pup's life.

As puppies go through teething, they gnaw on things to alleviate their discomfort.

Unfortunately, not all household items are meant for chewing! Puppy proofing your house with these fun tips can save you a lot of unnecessary headaches.

Puppies need a safe and healthy outlet to gnaw on when they're going through their teething phase.

This is why it's important to teach your pup what things are okay for them to chew on and how much they should be chewing at one time.

It's also important to have a few chew toys around the house during this phase.

Offering your pup a bully stick or two can be an inexpensive solution that'll save you from buying too many toys and chews!

Bully sticks can be great healthy snacks for dogs, but they should only be given as treats!

When pups are teething or chewing due to boredom, giving them something to gnaw on is the best way to break their bad habits.

Puppies should be supervised while chewing on bully sticks due to choking hazards."

What are the benefits of bully sticks for puppies

Bully sticks are a great treat for puppies. These beef tendons are low calorie, high protein snacks that promote healthy teeth and gums.

They also help to alleviate teething pain by providing hours of chewing fun.

To get the most out of your bully stick, be sure to supervise your pup while he or she is enjoying this treat!

Bully sticks are a great alternative to rawhide bones - they last longer and provide more benefits!

Not only are these a sustainable and healthy option, they also have many benefits for your pup's health.

Last Longer Than Rawhides – Keeps your pup busy longer!

Helps you feel good about giving them something that is as natural as possible!"

Promotes dental and oral health – Helps control tartar and plaque buildup.

Helps with teething – It feels good to soothe their sore gums!

Decreases bad behavior – Keeps them occupied, which means less chewing on your shoes or furniture!

Can be used as a training tool – Offer them as a reward for good behavior!

Bully sticks promote healthy puppy growth

Bully sticks are a great way for your puppy to get the nutrients it needs. Bully sticks promote healthy growth and good dental health, too!

Some dogs only like the bully stick taste but others will eat anything you put in front of them.

It's always best to have your dog try some before he or she is hooked on just one type of food. You may find that they love variety as much as you do!

Beware though: once you open a bag, they can be addicting so make sure to store it properly so that the bully sticks stay fresh and don't go bad!

How often should my puppy have bully sticks?

Puppies are a lot of work, but they're also a lot of fun. They can be challenging at times, but it's all worth it in the end when you get to cuddle up on the couch and watch movies together or go for walks around your neighborhood.

However, there are some things that new puppy owners may not realize right away about their adorable little furballs.

If you've just gotten yourself a new puppy recently, here are some tips on how often your pup should have bully sticks:

  • Pups should ALWAYS have one bully stick after each meal
  • Pups should NEVER have more than two bully sticks per day
  • It is important to check with your vet before feeding any type of treats to make sure they won't interfere with any health conditions or medications.

Your pup will thank you!

Studies have shown that chewing on bully sticks can also help reduce stress in your pup, which is something every dog owner can appreciate.

Stressed out pups are often more difficult to train and deal with because they're much harder to handle.

Chewing on bully sticks can help reduce the amount of stress your pup feels!"

What are some things to avoid when giving my dog bully sticks?

When purchasing bully sticks, it's important to consider what you're putting into your pup's body.

Some pups may be allergic to certain types of meat so it is best to always check with your vet before giving them to your pup.

In addition, if your pup hasn't had a bully stick in a while or has never tried one before, make sure to introduce it slowly.

Introduce the bully stick as a treat at first and let him taste it for a few days to make sure there's no adverse side effects.

If your pup seems to enjoy the bully stick, you can start giving them to him or her on a daily basis as long as they're within the guidelines.

What size of bully stick should I feed my puppy?

When you first get your puppy, it is important to buy the right size of bully sticks. If you buy too small of a size for your dog, they will choke on it and if you buy too big then they will not be able to chew up all the pieces.

You should also watch out for any signs that your puppy is choking or having trouble chewing his bully stick. These can include coughing, gagging or drooling excessively.

If this happens then take away the bully stick immediately and try again with a bigger one next time!

A good rule of thumb is to start off with a size that is slightly bigger than the width of their mouth.

Give your puppy bully sticks the safe way

Puppies love bully sticks. But, as a dog owner, you may be worried about the health risks associated with them.

It's important to know that there is a safe way to give your puppy bully sticks and we're going to show you how! Follow these steps:

  1. Find out what size bully stick your pup can handle and buy it from a reputable pet store or other supplier.
  2. Cut the end off of the stick so it's still long enough for your dog but not too large where they can't bite down on it easily.
  3. Put some peanut butter or another type of spreadable treat on one side of the cut piece and let them lick it off before giving them their new toy!

How do I store bully sticks?

After you give your pup his new chew toy, it's important to know how to properly store them.

Bully sticks should be hung in your dog's crate, thrown into the freezer or put somewhere cool and dry so they don't go bad.

Make sure that you don't leave them out in the sun or anywhere that they will get dirty or wet because that can cause them to rot.

Also, when you buy bully sticks from a store, make sure not to take your dog out of the car and only let them sniff it outside.

If you bring it inside and try to give it to them right away, there's a good chance they will scarf it down before you have a chance to cut off the ends.

How often can puppies have bully sticks? (Benjamin's Perspective)

Hey there, it's Benjamin Smith here, with my sidekick Max, ready to delve into another doggy dilemma: "How often can puppies have bully sticks?"

If you're a proud puppy parent like me, you'll know there's nothing quite like the joy of watching your young furball explore the world - and their taste buds! Enter bully sticks, the irresistible, chewy treat that dogs of all ages just can't get enough of.

Trust me, your pup will love the bully stick. They'll snatch it from your hand faster than you can say "sit" and proceed to gnaw away in bliss. Bully sticks are a much-loved treat that packs a tasty punch. But here's the rub - even though they'll relish every bite, you need to limit their bully stick time to just five to ten minutes.

Why, you ask? It's simple. Bully sticks are protein powerhouses, great for building strong, healthy bones in your growing puppy. But too much of a good thing can be troublesome, especially for your pup's still-developing digestive system. Large quantities of protein can be tough on their tiny tummies.

So, how often can puppies have bully sticks? Our rule of paw is one bully stick per day. Remember, treats - even the ones they drool over - should make up no more than 10% of their daily calories. Bully sticks are meant to be a special delight, not a meal replacement.

Stick to this advice, and you'll ensure your little one enjoys their treat time while keeping their diet balanced and nutritious.

Until next time, keep those tails wagging!

Benjamin & Max, signing off.

Are bully sticks ok for puppies?

Crystals Take:

Hey dog lovers! Crystal Marshall here, reporting from Asheville with Baxter, my trusty Australian Shepherd, snoozing beside me. As a dog mom, I often find myself fielding all kinds of questions from new pet parents. Today's hot topic? "Are bully sticks OK for puppies?"

Well, fellow pet parents, the answer is a resounding yes! Bully sticks can be an excellent chew for dogs of any breed, age, or size. This includes those adorable little fur balls we lovingly call puppies, provided they can chew hard food or treats independently.

Remember when Baxter was a puppy? Oh boy, was he a chewer! I found bully sticks to be a lifesaver. Not only did they keep his destructive chewing tendencies at bay, but they also served as a source of high protein.

Much like their adult counterparts, puppies derive the same protein-packed benefits from bully sticks. They are a natural, digestible, and delicious treat that keeps your little one entertained while also offering a dose of nutrition.

But the advantages don't stop there. Bully sticks can contribute to your pup's dental health too! As Baxter chewed away, I noticed a significant improvement in his dental hygiene. These chews work to clean teeth, massage gums, and reduce plaque and tartar build-up, promoting overall oral health.

In essence, bully sticks can be a fantastic addition to your puppy’s chewing repertoire. They're not just a treat, but a tool for growth and development. As always, monitor your puppy during chew time to ensure safety.

Remember, a happy puppy makes for a happy pet parent, and bully sticks might just be the key to that happiness. So, here's to the joy of puppy parenting, with its playful moments, the occasional challenges, and the never-ending love.

Until next time, keep those tails wagging, those paws prancing, and those bully sticks at the ready!

Happy chews and happy trails, Crystal & Baxter

Can you give puppies bully sticks?

Can you give puppies bully sticks? Absolutely! Bully sticks are suitable for dogs across all breeds, ages, and sizes. In fact, they are especially beneficial for puppies ready to chew on hard food or treats. Not only are bully sticks rich in protein, but they also promote dental health. So whether it's a playful pup or a mature dog, bully sticks cater to all, ensuring optimal health and a delightful chewing experience.

Can puppies eat bully sticks?

When my little Baxter was just a wee pup, he went through a period where he thought everything in sight was his personal chew toy! Oh, the tales I could share about my ruined stilettos and handbags! If you've ever brought a puppy home, I bet you can relate. Puppies have this instinctual, and often relentless, urge to chew.

But why do our fur-babies feel the need to munch on everything? Apart from trying our patience, there are some genuine reasons behind this behavior. Puppies chew to soothe their teething pains, and this chewing also helps boost their mood. Believe it or not, when puppies chew, they release two crucial neurotransmitters - dopamine and serotonin. These not only make them feel happier but also combat the boredom that occasionally plagues their energetic selves. And let’s not forget, all that gnawing strengthens their developing jaw muscles.

Now, while I've tried a range of chew toys, I've often been asked, "Sarah, can puppies eat bully sticks?" Absolutely! Bully sticks are a fantastic natural chew for puppies that can save many pairs of shoes and, most importantly, cater to their innate need to chew. But always supervise those munching sessions to ensure safety!

Are bully sticks safe for puppies?

Bully sticks, often termed as pizzle sticks, are chew treats made from the dried penis of a bull. They've risen in popularity due to their numerous benefits, but are they safe for puppies? Let's explore succinctly.

Digestibility vs. Rawhide

Bully sticks edge out competitors like rawhide because of their superior digestibility. This feature reduces the risk of gastrointestinal issues in puppies, making them a safer choice.

Safety Precautions: Choking and Bacteria

Any treat poses a choking risk, especially if a puppy tries to swallow large chunks. Always supervise your young dog during their bully stick time. Additionally, buy from reputable sources to avoid bacteria-contaminated sticks, such as those with E. coli or Salmonella.

Caloric Intake and Size Considerations

These treats are calorie-rich. While nutritious, they should be given in moderation, factoring in the overall diet of the puppy. Also, ensure the bully stick's size and hardness match your puppy's size and chewing ability, preventing dental issues and choking.

Chemicals and Dental Health

Always choose all-natural, additive-free bully sticks to avoid potential health risks from chemicals. Plus, these chews can bolster dental health by reducing plaque, but they're a supplement, not a replacement, for dental care.


Bully sticks can be safe and beneficial for puppies when sourced and given correctly. While they offer enjoyment and dental advantages, supervision and moderation are crucial. Consult with your vet when introducing them into your puppy’s diet.

Bully stick ok for puppies

Are Bully Sticks OK for Puppies?

For new pet owners, finding suitable treats for their furry friends is crucial. A common question that surfaces often is: are bully sticks okay for puppies? Here’s a comprehensive answer tailored for SEO needs.

Bully Sticks and Puppies: A Perfect Match?

Absolutely! Puppies can safely enjoy bully sticks, often known as pizzle sticks. Crafted from dried bull tendons, these treats are not only tasty but also relatively soft, making them gentle on those delicate puppy teeth. This ensures your puppy can chew without the fear of causing dental damage, setting them apart from harder treats which might be too tough for young canines.

Moderation is Key

While bully sticks are suitable for puppies, moderation is vital. Puppies have sensitive digestive systems. To prevent any potential stomach upset, it's recommended to let your puppy enjoy the bully stick for short durations—ideally between 5-10 minutes. This controlled time frame ensures they get the pleasure of a chewy treat without overburdening their tummies.

Are bully sticks bad for puppies?

Are Bully Sticks Bad for Puppies? Unraveling the Myths and Facts

When I first got my adorable poodle, Max, he had this insatiable need to chew on just about anything. From my favorite pair of shoes to the couch's armrest! In my quest to find him the perfect chewable treat, I came across bully sticks. This led me to ask: are bully sticks bad for puppies?

Bully Sticks: A Tasty Delight for Every Pooch

Bully sticks aren't just chewy delights; they're also packed with nutritional goodness. Regardless of breed, age, or size, dogs seem to fall head over tails in love with them. And why not? They're wholesome and a hit among our four-legged friends!

The Puppy Perspective: Can the Little Ones Munch on Them?

Now, coming back to our main query: are they suitable for puppies? The answer is a resounding yes! If your little furball has started on hard food and treats, bully sticks can be the next treat on the menu. Just ensure the stick's size is appropriate for your puppy's mouth and always supervise the chew session.

Are bully sticks good for puppy?

Ah, the ever-curious world of puppies! My little Max was no different, always ready to pounce on anything he could find. But the real query on my mind was, are bully sticks good for puppies? With an inquisitive pup constantly underfoot, I took it upon myself to delve deep into the benefits and precautions of offering bully sticks to our younger canine pals.

The Appeal of Bully Sticks

First and foremost, let's address the undeniable: Dogs absolutely adore bully sticks! And why wouldn’t they? They're tasty, long-lasting, and provide an excellent outlet for their inherent chewing instincts. Whether it’s a senior retriever or a feisty young terrier, dogs of all breeds and ages, including puppies, find these treats irresistible.

Nutritional Benefits for Puppies

Not just a source of joy, bully sticks are also packed with health benefits. They offer a rich protein boost, aiding in muscle growth - something especially beneficial for rapidly growing puppies. Moreover, chewing on these sticks can help in promoting dental hygiene, ensuring those little puppy teeth stay plaque-free.

When Can Puppies Start with Bully Sticks?

While bully sticks are generally safe, it's essential to ensure your puppy is ready for such treats. As a thumb rule, once your pup can handle hard food and treats without any fuss – they're likely ready for a bully stick adventure. For Max, this transition happened around the age of 6 months. But remember, every pup is unique, so it’s always best to monitor the first few chewing sessions.

Tips for a Safe Bully Stick Experience:

  1. Right Size Matters: Choose a bully stick that’s appropriate for your puppy's size. Too small, and it can be a choking hazard.
  2. Supervision is Key: Always be around when your pup is enjoying their bully stick, especially in the beginning.
  3. Quality Over Quantity: Ensure the bully sticks are of high quality, free from chemicals or additives that can harm your puppy.

In conclusion, when it comes to the question, are bully sticks good for puppies? The answer is a resounding yes! With a sprinkle of caution and tons of love, these treats can be a delightful addition to your puppy’s diet. Max wholeheartedly agrees, with a bully stick often clutched firmly in his jaws!

What age can puppies have bully sticks

The joy of puppyhood is unmatched, from their clumsy little trot to their insatiable curiosity. And if there’s one thing my new pup, Max, has an endless amount of, it's energy and a love for chomping on things. That brings us to the question: what age can puppies have bully sticks? Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of introducing these popular treats to our young canines.

Bully Sticks: A Brief Overview

Before we delve into the age appropriateness, let’s clear up what bully sticks are. Derived from a single ingredient, beef pizzle, these natural chews have gained popularity among dog owners (including me!) due to their durability and the absence of artificial additives.

So, When’s the Right Age?

Bully sticks, while an excellent treat for many dogs, are most suitable for puppies that are a bit more developed. To be specific, puppies who weigh over five pounds and have transitioned fully to their adult teeth are the best candidates. This transition, as stated by reputable sources like the Veterinary Centers of America Inc., generally occurs by six months of age. Remember, introducing any new treat, especially something as tough as a bully stick, too early can pose a risk to those fragile puppy teeth.

Why the Wait?

Waiting ensures that our pups have the dental strength to tackle these chews without injuring themselves. It also decreases the risk of choking or ingestion issues that can arise with smaller or younger puppies unfamiliar with such treats.

Tips for Introducing Bully Sticks to Puppies

  1. Start Slowly: As with any new treat or food, it's crucial to introduce bully sticks gradually. Monitor their reaction and ensure they don't face any digestive issues.
  2. Choose the Right Size: There are various sizes of bully sticks available. For puppies, selecting a size that corresponds to their current size and chewing capability is essential.
  3. Supervise Always: Always keep an eye on your puppy when they're enjoying their bully stick. It will help prevent any choking hazards and ensure they're chewing safely.

Wrapping up, it’s exciting to introduce new treats to our puppies and see their eyes light up with joy. By knowing what age puppies can have bully sticks, you ensure a safe and delightful experience for your furry friend. Max sends his tail wags of approval!


In summary, bully sticks are not only okay but are also a delightful treat for puppies. Their soft texture is gentle on budding teeth, and with monitored feeding durations, you can ensure they're both enjoyable and safe for your little furball. Remember, as with any new treat or food, it's always best to consult with your veterinarian for tailored advice. Embrace bully sticks as a flavorful addition to your puppy's treat repertoire, and watch them chew away with glee!

Are bully sticks good for puppies?

Hey there, Benjamin Smith here! As a fervent dog enthusiast and Bruno's devoted human, I've had my fair share of treat-tasting adventures with him. Today, I'll tackle a question close to many puppy parents' hearts: are bully sticks good for puppies?

The Bully Stick Lowdown for Little Paws

To cut right to the chase, yes, bully sticks are indeed safe for those sprightly pups. However, there's a little asterisk to that statement. Ideally, puppies should weigh over five pounds and have all their adult teeth in place. According to the Veterinary Centers of America Inc., this milestone is usually achieved by around six months of age.

What’s Inside These Beloved Bully Sticks?

For those raising an eyebrow, wondering, "What magic is contained within these chewy sticks?", you're in for a simple revelation. Bully sticks are crafted from just one wholesome ingredient: beef pizzle. That's right! No complex mix of additives, fillers, or hard-to-pronounce compounds. Pure, unadulterated beef.

Why Opt for Bully Sticks for Your Puppy?

Puppyhood is a critical time for growth, learning, and building healthy habits. A quality treat can make all the difference:

  1. Natural Goodness: With a single-ingredient composition, you're ensuring your puppy gets a treat free from harmful additives.
  2. Teething Relief: Anyone who's survived the puppy teething phase knows the value of a good chew!
  3. Dental Health: Besides fun, these sticks also help in cleaning those tiny, budding teeth.
  4. Safe and Digestible: A digestible option that's gentle on your puppy's stomach.
  5. Taste: Let's be real; puppies love them!

Final Bark

As a passionate dog parent, I'm always on the quest for what's best for Bruno and pups everywhere. And when it comes to the question, "are bully sticks good for puppies?", I can confidently say they get a paw-sitive nod. Just remember to supervise those little chewers and ensure the bully stick size matches your pup's size.

Until next time, here's to tail wags, playful barks, and happy chewing! 🐶🐾

Bully sticks good for puppies?

Hey there, fellow puppy parents! It's Sarah, and today I'm addressing a question I often hear from new dog owners: "Are bully sticks good for puppies?" Let's dive right in!

Bully sticks are indeed a delightful treat that dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes can relish. But when it comes to our little furballs - yes, our puppies - they can absolutely benefit from these chews, provided they're ready for hard food and treats. Why? Bully sticks aren't just tasty; they're packed with high protein which aids in their growth and energy levels. But wait, there's more! Just like with adult dogs, these chews play a significant role in promoting dental health for puppies. Think of them as nature's toothbrush, helping keep those tiny teeth clean as your pup gnaws away.

However, always remember to supervise your puppy when introducing a new treat and choose the appropriate size for them. Let's keep our puppies happy, healthy, and entertained with the right treats!

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Karen Burdine

Karen Burdine

When I picked up my Dogue De Bordeaux from the breeder she sent home a “bully stick” with my 9 week old puppy. My puppy chewed on that bully stick and never had any problem with her chewing furniture, biting, shoes etc. So I highly recommend buying bullysticks for puppies, my Cinnamon is now 2 1/2 years old and still loves her bully sticks.

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