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Collagen Sticks vs Bully Sticks: The Ultimate Dog Treat Showdown

There's nothing quite like the joy of watching my darling Rocco (my spirited Golden Retriever) blissfully chomping away on his favorite treat. Being an attentive pet parent, it’s imperative for me to know what goes into Rocco’s mouth. Recently, two contenders have popped up on the dog treat horizon: collagen sticks and bully sticks. It's time we delve deep and unravel the mysteries behind these two popular chews.

A Flashback to My First Experience

Walking down the pet store aisle, I recall the first time I stumbled upon collagen sticks. I was on my usual quest - hunting for the healthiest treats for Rocco. As someone who leans towards natural options, both collagen and bully sticks caught my eye.

What are Collagen Sticks and Why are They Gaining Popularity?

Collagen sticks are, as the name suggests, made of collagen, usually derived from fish or beef sources. They've become the talk of the town, thanks to the holistic health wave sweeping the pet industry.


  • Joint Champion: Rocco's aging joints have me constantly worried. Collagen sticks support joint health, possibly easing those creaky movements.
  • Protein Powerhouse: Ideal for muscle building and overall well-being.
  • Toothy Smile: Keeps those pearly whites shining by reducing plaque.
The Bully Stick Saga: Why They Remain a Favorite

I remember Rocco's puppy days, where he could spend hours (okay, minutes, but it felt like hours) wrestling with a bully stick. Made from bull pizzle, they’re a staple in many dog households.


  • Durability: Perfect for dogs that love a long chewing session.
  • Au Naturel: No added nasties - it's pure, unadulterated bull.
  • Oral Hygiene: A natural toothbrush for dogs, helping fend off bad breath.

Crystal’s Trial: A Week with Both

Being the experimental soul I am, I decided to let Rocco try both for a week. The objective? See which one he leans towards and how each impacts him.

Day 1 to 3 - Collagen Sticks: Rocco loved the newness. Plus, I felt they were a bit gentler on his tummy. A bonus? Fewer crumbs around my Persian rug.

Day 4 to 7 - Bully Sticks: The familiarity made Rocco ecstatic. They lasted longer, but yes, they can get a tad messier (time to get that vacuum out).

What My Vet Said

Any change in Rocco's diet has me scurrying to Dr. James (our trusted vet). When presented with the 'collagen sticks vs bully sticks' dilemma, here's what he advised:
"Both are great in moderation. Ensure collagen sticks are sourced from reputable brands. Bully sticks are tried and tested, but always supervise chew time."

The Verdict: Which One Should You Pick?

It boils down to individual dog needs. For seniors or dogs with digestive sensitivities, collagen might be the answer. For avid chewers craving longevity, bully sticks might edge out.

A Few Tips Before Signing Off:

Always monitor your dog during chew sessions.
Check for product sourcing and avoid artificial additives.
Consider your dog's size. A chihuahua's needs differ from a Great Dane's.

Crystal’s Final Thoughts

Every dog is a world of its own. Rocco swings both ways - some days he’s team collagen, other days he's team bully stick. It's all about balance, understanding your fur baby, and occasionally seeking professional advice.

Remember, the journey of discovering what’s best for your pet is as beautiful as those puppy-eyed looks they give you. Here's to more chew-tastic days ahead!

Bully sticks vs collagen sticks

One evening, while reminiscing about the countless times my furry friends indulged in their favorite treats, I found myself comparing two particular chews: bully sticks and collagen sticks. Both of these are popular choices among dog owners, but what exactly sets them apart? Let's dive in.

Chewing is more than just an enjoyable pastime for our canine companions; it's practically therapy for them! When our dogs engage in this age-old activity, they not only release those feel-good endorphins, which work wonders in melting away stress, but they also benefit from some unapparent health boons. For instance, the very act of gnawing strengthens their jaw muscles. And don't get me started on its dental benefits – the chewing motion combined with the secretion of antibacterial saliva does a fantastic job in keeping those pearly whites clean and decay at bay. Plus, this mechanical action stimulates the secretion of beneficial stomach enzymes that promote better digestion.

Now, onto the main event: Bully Sticks vs. Collagen Sticks. Both from Natural Farm's prized collection, they offer unique health advantages. Bully sticks, renowned for their savory appeal, are great protein sources. Collagen sticks, on the other hand, pack in the goodness of collagen, aiding joint health and skin vitality. The choice between the two truly hinges on your dog's needs and palate preferences. Whether you opt for the protein-rich bully stick or the joint-friendly collagen stick, your pup is in for a treat!

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