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Dog Carsick Woes: Tips, Tricks & Treats to Settle That Queasy Pup - Bully Sticks Central

Hello, fellow dog parents! Sarah Johnson here, and today I’m sharing a bumpy tale from my adventures with my ever-enthusiastic fur baby, Bella. One of the joys of having Bella in my life is the love for road trips we share. However, like many pups, Bella struggled with carsickness, turning our dreamy car rides into, well, a bit of a mess. Over time, I've discovered a trove of tips, tricks, and treats to keep Bella comfortable on the road. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Why Do Dogs Get Carsick?

Before we talk solutions, it's essential to understand why some dogs get carsick. Much like humans, dogs can experience motion sickness due to the movement of the car. But, that's not the sole reason. For many pups, anxiety or the unfamiliar sensation of being in a vehicle can also be a trigger. So, in many cases, it's not just about the physical discomfort but also the emotional distress.

Bella's Bumpy Beginnings: A Personal Share

Our first car ride together is an episode I remember vividly. Bella, a little apprehensive, stepped into the car. I had assumed she'd settle down once the journey began. Instead, 15 minutes into the drive, she exhibited signs of distress – drooling, whimpering, and alas, vomiting.

It wasn't just the clean-up that concerned me; it was Bella's evident discomfort. Determined to make car rides a pleasurable experience for both of us, I embarked on a quest to find solutions.

7 Proven Strategies to Counteract Dog Carsickness

Check them out.

  1. Pre-Ride Play: A tired dog is a calm dog. Engaging Bella in a play session before our trips helps burn off excess energy and keeps her calm in the car.
  2. Positioning is Key: Securely placing your dog in a car seat or harness can provide stability. For Bella, having a window view seems to lessen the nausea.
  3. Limit Food Intake: Avoid feeding your dog a large meal right before the journey. I've found that giving Bella a light snack 3-4 hours before works best.
  4. Frequent Breaks: Especially for longer journeys, regular pit stops allow Bella to stretch her legs and get some fresh air.
  5. Comfort Items: Bringing along Bella's favorite blanket or toy provides a sense of familiarity and comfort amidst the moving surroundings.
  6. Practice Short Rides: To acclimatize Bella, I started with short rides around the block, gradually increasing the distance as she became more comfortable.
  7. Natural Remedies: There are numerous natural remedies to soothe a queasy stomach. This is where my delightful discovery from Bully Sticks Central comes in!

Bully Sticks Central to the Rescue: Natural Treats for Carsick Pups

During my quest to find a solution for Bella's carsickness, I stumbled upon the natural dog treats by Bully Sticks Central. Not only are they delicious (Bella vouches for that!), but some of their treats have properties that can help with motion sickness.

  1. Ginger-Infused Treats: Much like in humans, ginger can act as a natural remedy against nausea for dogs. Bully Sticks Central offers ginger-infused treats, which I ensure Bella munches on, a little while before our car rides.
  2. Calming Chews: These treats are formulated with ingredients that naturally calm and soothe. They've been a game-changer for Bella, especially during longer trips.
  3. High-Protein Snacks: Keeping Bella engaged with a treat like a bully stick can distract her from the car's motion and reduce anxiety. Plus, the act of chewing releases calming endorphins in dogs.

The Journey Ahead: Embracing the Road with Bella

While Bella has come a long way from her carsick days, every journey is a learning experience. What remains constant is our commitment to make each trip as comfortable as possible for her. We've found our rhythm, a blend of pre-trip rituals, in-journey strategies, and, of course, our arsenal of treats from Bully Sticks Central.

Parting Words: Every Dog, Every Journey is Unique

Remember, each dog is unique. While these tips have worked wonders for Bella and me, it's essential to observe your dog and adapt strategies accordingly. If your pup's carsickness is severe, do consult with a vet.

This post was last updated at May 21, 2024 10:09

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