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What is a Dog-Friendly Yard Design?

Depending on their age and breed, dogs must at least get 30 minutes of exercise each day to keep them healthy and to promote good behavior. Spending time outdoors is very important giving them opportunities to run, play, stretch, or just get fresh air. Unfortunately, being outdoors also offers many hazards for your pets. If your beloved pooch spends a great deal of their time in your backyard, ensuring that dangers and annoyances are removed can give you peace of mind knowing that they are safe whenever they play or remain alone in your garden. Here’s how to create a yard that is secure for your four-legged companions.

Build a Dog Area

Your pets will do many things that can create disastrous consequences for your garden from digging holes to doing their business in any spot of the yard. If you do not intend to spend your time picking up after their mess or replanting dug out flower beds, a great alternative is to create a dog run in your yard. This is their own space where they can run, sniff, dig, or just do anything that they feel like. A fenced area is ideal so that they can be left alone with minimal supervision.

In addition to putting up a synthetic turf, you can also add a water feature or a small pool where your furry friends can stay hydrated or frolic. A doghouse for shade and shelter under a tree is a perfect spot for Fido to escape the heat or offer relief in case of bad weather.

Remove Hazards

Of course, banishing your beloved pooch to the dog area all the time is not ideal. They may also you and your family in the main garden. To do this safely, it is vital that your garden design is dog friendly. Even businesses must also ensure that their outdoor spaces are safe for visiting pets. For example, toxic plants that can be accidentally ingested by both animals and children should not be planted on the ground. Hydrangeas, lily of the valley, and foxglove are some examples of vegetation that could harm pets and kids. That does not mean though that you cannot grow these beautiful plants. Instead, put them in secured and raised planters so that they are out of reach from pets and young children.

If you’re concerned about damage to your lawn, plant a variety of grass that is dog-friendly such as Bermuda, zoysia, or Kentucky grass. They are easy to maintain and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Ground that is covered with mulch must also be inspected. Do not use mulch from cocoa beans because they are harmful to your pets if eaten. To prevent pets from straying off your yard, it is vital that your fence is intact. Check if the mesh is not ripped and that the latch of your gate is secured preventing your furry animals from opening it.

Your dog is a beloved member of your household that deserves protection from the hazards that the backyard may pose. Creating a dog area, planting non-toxic vegetation, and laying low-maintenance turf are some features that promote a safe outdoor environment for your pets.  

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