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Mastering Puppy Kennel Training - Bully Sticks Central

When I first introduced Daisy to our family, I faced the common challenge many dog owners confront - kennel training. Contrary to some beliefs, a kennel isn't a cage but a secure space for your pup. It serves as their den, a comfort zone. But the journey to making it feel like that? Well, let’s dive deep into "puppy kennel training", drawing from personal anecdotes, practical steps, and a little help from Bully Sticks Central.

Understanding the Kennel’s Role

The kennel is more than just a confinement space for when you're away or during bedtime. It's a personal space for your dog—a place where they feel safe. Think of it as your puppy’s bedroom. Just like you've put effort into making your room cozy, your puppy’s kennel should be inviting too.

Sarah's Steps to Seamless Kennel Training

  1. Picking the Right Kennel: Size matters! The kennel should be big enough for Daisy to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably, but not too big that she might have an accident in one corner and sleep in another.
  2. Make the Kennel Inviting: I added a soft blanket and some of Daisy’s favorite toys to make it comfy. This also helps associate the kennel with positive feelings.
  3. Start with Short Intervals: Initially, I'd place Daisy in her kennel for short durations, gradually increasing the time as she got comfortable.
  4. Positive Reinforcement: Every time Daisy would enter her kennel on command or stay calm inside, she'd get praised and occasionally rewarded with a treat. This is where Bully Sticks Central came to the rescue with their natural dog treats, acting as the perfect reinforcement tool.
  5. Incorporate Meal Times: I started feeding Daisy her meals inside the kennel. This created a positive association—kennel equals food and treats!
  6. Establish a Routine: Dogs love routines! I set specific kennel times during the day. With time, Daisy automatically started retreating to her kennel around those hours.
  7. Overnight Training: Initially, I placed the kennel in my bedroom during the night. Once Daisy got used to sleeping in it, I gradually moved it to its permanent spot.

Bully Sticks Central: The Training Game-Changer

If there's one thing I've learned about dogs, it's that treats can make training substantially easier. But not just any treats, the right ones. Bully Sticks Central’s natural dog treats have been a lifesaver during Daisy's kennel training. Here's how:

  • Long-Lasting Chews: Perfect for those times you want your pup to remain in the kennel for extended periods. Daisy could be occupied with a chew for a while, forgetting any initial resistance to the kennel.

  • Natural and Digestible: It’s important to use treats that won’t upset your pup’s stomach, especially when they're confined to a space. These treats ensured Daisy felt comfortable throughout.

  • Variety: With a range of treats available, Daisy never got bored. It kept the training process interesting and engaging for her.

Potential Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

No two dogs are the same. While Daisy took to her kennel relatively smoothly, you might face some challenges:

  • Whining: If your puppy whines initially, resist the urge to let them out immediately. Wait until they calm down, even if it's just for a minute, then open the door.

  • Reluctance to Enter: If your pup's hesitant, try leading them in with a treat trail. Bully Sticks Central treats can be a fantastic lure.

  • Accidents: Puppies might have occasional accidents in their kennel. Don't scold. Understand their routine and ensure they've relieved themselves before kennel time.

The Bond Beyond the Kennel

Kennel training isn’t just about getting your pup used to a confined space. It's a training exercise that, if done right, can strengthen the bond between you and your pet. With patience, consistency, and a little treat-motivation, you can ensure your pup views their kennel as their safe haven.

Always remember, every pup has its pace. Daisy took a few weeks to get accustomed to her kennel. Some might take less time, some more. But with dedication, love, and the right tools (thanks, Bully Sticks Central!), kennel training can be a rewarding experience for both you and your fur baby.

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