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Why Do Dogs Like to Chew on Bones? - Bully Sticks Central

Why do dogs like bones

Hello, fellow dog lovers! It’s Sarah Johnson here, sharing yet another dog-related tidbit from my life. One lazy afternoon, while sipping on my cup of tea and gazing out my window, I observed my fur baby, Bella, engrossed in a chewing spree with her bone. It made me ponder - why do dogs like to chew on bones so much? Being the ever-curious dog mom that I am, I delved deep into this question. And today, I'm excited to share my findings with you.

The Ancient Connection Between Dogs and Bones

Taking a walk down history, dogs were once wild creatures. Their ancestors had to hunt for their food, and bones were often part of the meal. Chewing on bones was not just an activity - it was a survival instinct. They would chew to extract the bone marrow, a nutritious part of their diet.

Bella's Love for Bones: A Personal Insight

Like many dogs, Bella has always been drawn to bones. From her puppy days to now, a bone has been her favorite go-to chew toy. Watching her reminds me of nature's design, how these domesticated bundles of joy still carry the wildness of their ancestors within them.

7 Scientific Reasons Why Dogs Adore Bones

Check them out.

  1. Teething Relief for Puppies: Just like human babies, puppies chew to relieve the discomfort of teething. Bones provide the perfect texture for this.
  2. Dental Health: Chewing bones helps to scrape off the plaque from a dog's teeth, acting as a natural toothbrush.
  3. Mental Stimulation: Just as we engage in activities for mental stimulation, dogs chew bones to keep their minds active.
  4. Release of Endorphins: Chewing releases endorphins in dogs, making them feel good and relaxed.
  5. Natural Instinct: Chewing bones satisfies a dog's natural instinct, derived from their wild ancestors.
  6. Nutritional Benefits: Bones contain calcium and other minerals beneficial for a dog’s health.
  7. Taste and Smell: The simple fact is, to dogs, bones smell and taste good, especially if they still have some meat or marrow on them.

But, Are All Bones Safe?

Not all bones are created equal. While raw bones can be safe, cooked bones can easily splinter, posing a threat to our furry friends. Similarly, size matters. Offering a bone that’s too small can pose a choking hazard.

Enter Bully Sticks Central: A Safer Alternative

While I love giving Bella natural bones under supervision, I've found that the natural dog treats from Bully Sticks Central are an excellent alternative. Here's why:

  1. Digestible: Unlike some bones, these treats are fully digestible, reducing the risk of any internal blockages.
  2. Dental Benefits: Just as with bones, chewing these natural treats helps in cleaning Bella's teeth.
  3. Safe: With no risk of splintering, I have peace of mind when Bella is enjoying her treat.
  4. Nutritious: Made from 100% beef, they are a protein-packed treat for Bella.
  5. Satisfies the Chewing Urge: Bella loves them just as much as bones, if not more.
  6. Variety: Bully Sticks Central offers a range of sizes and types, catering to every dog's chewing needs.
  7. No Additives: Being all-natural, I don’t have to worry about any harmful additives.

Tips for Safe Bone and Chew Treat Offering

Check it out...

  • Always supervise your dog when giving them a bone or chew treat.
  • Make sure the size is appropriate for your dog.
  • Be cautious of bones picked up during walks. They could be cooked or contaminated.
  • Always have fresh water available for your dog when they're chewing.
  • Observe your dog for any signs of discomfort after they’ve consumed a bone or chew.

Why do dogs like bone marrow

Why do dogs like bones

Dogs are naturally drawn to bone marrow due to its rich flavor and nutritional content. Bone marrow contains essential nutrients that are beneficial for dogs, making it a biologically appropriate food for them. The act of chewing on bones to reach the marrow also provides mental stimulation and physical exercise for dogs, which is crucial for their overall health and wellbeing. This activity is not only enjoyable but also helps strengthen their jaw muscles.

Moreover, bone marrow is a source of healthy fats and minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, which contribute to a balanced diet for dogs. This nutrient-rich substance supports their immune system, joint health, and can contribute to a healthy skin and coat. Dogs' natural instinct to chew and their attraction to rich flavors make bone marrow a particularly appealing treat.

In Conclusion: The Bone-Chewing Legacy

Chewing bones is a legacy passed down from our dogs’ wild ancestors. It’s rooted deeply in their DNA, a combination of instinctual, physiological, and mental needs. While Bella will always have a place in her heart (and mouth) for bones, I take comfort in knowing there are safe, natural alternatives like the offerings from Bully Sticks Central.

Remember, our furry friends rely on us to ensure their safety. So, whether it’s a bone from the butcher or a natural treat, always make sure it’s safe for your beloved pet.

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