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4 Inch Cow Tails

SKU 4-inch-cow-tail-1-unit
Guaranteed Analysis
  • Calorie Content 3,557
  • Crude Fat Min 8.5%
  • Crude Fiber Max 2.1%
  • Moisture max 8.2%
  • Crude protein 81%

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Our 4 Inch Cow Tail combines the best of both worlds. It features a gentle crunch at the start which then becomes soft and chewy as your dog continues to gnaw. Cow tails provide gentle teeth cleaning along with a soothing gum massage in every bite. This makes them ideal for smaller dogs that are teething or have sensitive teeth. These treats are particularly adept at reducing anxiety in doggos that are bored or stressed. These convenient and perfectly-portable snacks are available in units of 5, 25, or 50. 

Your dog doesn’t have to give up healthy protein and dental benefits just because you don’t have the time for an all-day chew. Cow Tails are 100% natural and made from the highest quality cattle. They provide plenty of protein and flavor appeals to even the pickiest of pups. Despite their soft texture, cow tails are still effective for maintaining dental health. Dogs experiencing any sort of discomfort will find soothing comfort as they freshen their breath as they chew.

4 Inch Cow Tail is Soothing and Comforting

Bakers make our Cow Tail treats by hand and inspect every single one. Bully Sticks Central prides ourselves on the premium ingredients which is why we use only the highest quality of grass-fed, free-range cattle. Equally important to us is what doesn’t go into our treats. Our all-natural 4 Inch Cow Tails are free of wheat, gluten, grain, soy, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or artificial flavorings. Thanks to our unique preparation method, our dog treats retail all of their natural flavor and are naturally low in odor.

If you are looking for an easy-to-eat treat that is low maintenance, you can’t go wrong with Cow Tails. Super convenient and great for pet parents who love bringing their fur babies to parks, bars, etc. Use 4 Inch Cow Tails to keep your dog happily entertained wherever your adventures may take you.

Safety Information

Please supervise your dog when giving any treat or chew and ensure your dog has easy access to water before, during, and after treat consumption. Remove small or broken pieces to prevent any potential choking hazard. Please keep in mind your dog's age, health, and current diet conditions when selecting our treats. If 4 Inch Cow Tails are a new treat for your dog, we recommend only letting your dog chew about 1 tail at a time to avoid upset stomach due to the increased protein. After they have enjoyed about 3 to 5  tails over a 10 day period, their stomachs should be familiar with the increased protein intake and you can safely treat at your discretion!