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6" Beef Bladder Sticks - 12 Units

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Sale price$22.99

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 73.6%

Crude Fat: 7.4%

Crude Fiber: 1.1%

Moisture: 10.9%

Calorie Content: 3,506


For the health conscious dog owner who wants their furry best friends to get the extra protein they need without overdoing it on processed meat, All Natural Beef Bladder Sticks are perfect. Our 6” bladder sticks are 100% natural beef sourced from a naturally occurring organ just like human kidneys and livers. These treats contain high levels of protein which can improve digestion and strengthen with lean muscle mass while repelling sugar cravings due to its pungent aroma. These ingredients make this product a healthy pre-meal option for balanced meals or perfect prop as an appetizer after dinner when guests come over. Regardless of your canine's preference, these bladder sticks will satisfy any time of day!

Is beef bladder good for dogs?

Howdy, folks! It's Sarah Johnson back with another interesting tidbit for all you dog-lovers out there. This time around, we're addressing a question I've seen pop up quite a bit - "Is beef bladder good for dogs?" Well, let's dig into this, shall we?

In the Johnson household, we've given beef bladder sticks a try, and they've won a resounding seal of approval from my Labrador, Cooper. I can tell you, these sticks are fully digestible and break down easily in your pup's stomach. There's nothing that makes a dog parent's heart happier than seeing their fur-baby relish a treat that's also easy on their system.

The best part is, beef bladder sticks can safely be a part of your dog's daily treat regimen. Yes, you heard that right! They're a fantastic alternative to chemically processed chews like rawhide, which we all know can pose some potential health risks. Now, as a dog mom who's constantly on the lookout for healthier choices for Cooper, this comes as a big relief.

So, in a nutshell, beef bladder sticks are a hearty thumbs up in the world of dog treats. They're digestible, safer than some alternatives, and judging by Cooper's eager chomps, absolutely delicious! As always, moderation is key, and if you have any doubts or queries, don't hesitate to have a chat with your vet.

That's all for now, y'all. Stay tuned for more doggy diet discussions, and until next time, happy chewing!

Beef bladder for dogs

Benjamin's Take:

Hello folks, Benjamin Smith here, with my sidekick Max by my side. Today we're tackling a topic that's sparking interest among dog owners: "Beef bladder for dogs."

If you're in search of a digestible, safe, and downright delicious treat for your canine companion, beef bladder sticks might just be the answer. In fact, Max is a huge fan of them!

The beauty of beef bladder sticks lies in their easy digestibility. They break down smoothly in your dog's stomach, making them a worry-free treat. As a dog owner, you can breathe easy knowing there's little to no risk of digestive trouble.

And the best part? They're a treat your dog can safely enjoy every day. That's right, daily! Picture your pup's excitement knowing they've got a tasty treat lined up each day.

When it comes to comparing them with other treats on the market, beef bladder sticks come out on top as a superior alternative to chemically processed chews like rawhide. Natural, safe, and delicious – that's what we aim for, right?

So there you have it, folks. Beef bladder sticks – Max-approved and a win for your dog's health. Until next time, happy treating!

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