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Beef Shin Dog Bone - Bag of 2

Bully Sticks CentralSKU: BEEF-SHIN-BONE-2-UNITS


Sale price$19.99

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 30%

Crude Fat: 15%

Crude Fiber:

Moisture: 6%

Calorie Content:


Indulge your furry friend with a treat fit for royalty with Bully Sticks Central's Beef Shin Bone Dog Chew.

This long-lasting and flavorful bone chew is made from whole beef shin bone sourced from top-quality, USDA-inspected angus born and raised in the USA.

Slow-roasted for 48 hours to achieve the perfect hickory-smoked flavor, this chew offers a great source of essential minerals such as phosphorous and calcium, promoting healthy bowel movements and preventing bloating. Chewing can also help reduce anxiety in dogs and lower the risk of blood pressure and heart disease.

Measuring a substantial 7-10 inches, this chew is perfect for medium and large dogs. Please note that due to the natural ingredients, size and shape may vary slightly. Bones also contribute to a healthy dog mouth by breaking down tartar, reducing gum disease, and stimulating saliva production to keep teeth clean.

The only ingredient in this product is beef front shin, with guaranteed analysis of crude protein at 30%, crude fat at 15%, and moisture at 6%. Always supervise your dog while giving them any treat and provide fresh water. After handling any chew or treat, wash your hands and store the product in a dry place at room temperature.

Beef Shin Bones: A Delightful Treat for Our Canine Companions?

If you've ever taken a stroll through the pet treat aisle or chatted with fellow dog owners at our local dog park, you've likely come across beef shin bones as a treat suggestion. But what exactly are beef shin bones, and are they suitable for our furry pals?

At its essence, a beef shin bone is a type of marrow bone. What makes it stand out is its high collagen and fatty substance content. In human cuisine, they're treasured for adding that sumptuous richness and delightful mouthfeel to soups like pho. But beyond our plates, these bones have gained quite the reputation in the canine world. As a treat, they're often recommended for dogs because of the natural nutrients they pack, providing both entertainment and health benefits for our pups.

Now, looking at it from a dog's perspective, beef shin bones aren't just about the nutrients. The act of gnawing and chewing on these bones can be mentally stimulating for our dogs, helping keep those destructive tendencies at bay. Plus, the collagen richness of these bones can potentially support joint health, making them a sought-after choice for older dogs.

In conclusion, while beef shin bones have their culinary uses in our kitchens, they also hold a special spot in the world of dog treats. If you're considering them for your pet, remember to always supervise their chew time to ensure safety. Whether it's for flavor in our soups or a hearty treat for our dogs, beef shin bones certainly have a versatile charm!

Cow shin bone

Hello, fellow dog enthusiasts! It's Benjamin Smith here, diving into another intriguing topic for our beloved furry friends: the cow shin bone. Having always aimed to provide my dogs with the healthiest and most natural treats, I've explored the potential benefits of this bone. So, if you're wondering about the cow shin bone as a treat for your pup, stick around.

The cow shin bone, often referred to by its Italian name 'Ossobuco' (which translates to 'bone with a hole'), is extracted from the lower section of a cow's leg. This bone is unique in its structure, leaving the bone marrow intact - a detail that dogs undoubtedly appreciate. This marrow, rich in nutrients and flavor, offers a delightful surprise for our canine companions as they gnaw on the bone, providing both entertainment and nourishment.

Now, using cow shin bones as treats offers multiple advantages. Besides the obvious joy and satisfaction dogs get from chewing, these bones can aid in dental hygiene by helping scrape off tartar and plaque. Plus, the bone marrow provides a burst of essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. And trust me, from personal experience, seeing your dog's eyes light up when presented with this treat is a joy in itself!

In conclusion, while the cow shin bone might seem like a simple treat, its benefits - both nutritional and for dental health - make it a fantastic choice for our pets. But remember, always supervise your dog when introducing any new treat or toy, ensuring their safety and enjoyment.

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