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Cows Tails for dogs - 6" to 8"

Bully Sticks CentralSKU: 6-8-inch-cow-tails-25-units


Units: 25 Cow Tails
Sale price$26.99

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 81%

Crude Fat: 8.5%

Crude Fiber: 2.1%

Moisture: 8.2%

Calorie Content: 3,557


When it comes to selecting the perfect natural treat, chew, or training reward treat for your dog choose Bully Sticks Central Cow Tails Dog Chews.

These delicious tasting chews are packed with nutrients and are made from 100% free-range, grass-fed beef from Argentina. Our Cow tails for dogs are free from artificial preservatives your canine companion doesn’t need or deserve. When you choose our All Natural Flavor Rich Cow Tail Chews you can feel confident you're feeding your best friend the very best.

Tail-Wagging Goodness

All doggos so far love the all natural, nutritious beef flavor packed into our cow tail chews. Bursting with natural beef flavor, our cow tails are perfect for keeping small to medium to large breed dogs occupied. (Of course, how long the chew lasts will vary depending on your dog’s breed and chewing habits.)

Cow tails are grain free, gluten free and packed with protein.

Our cow tails for dogs are the natural alternative to traditional rawhide and are easily digestible for all dogs making them the perfect treat or reward. 

One of the best things about cow tails for dogs, apart from being irresistible for even the pickiest eaters, is that they provide the perfect texture, in a convenient size, that is comfortable for dogs to get a healthy gum massage and gentle teeth cleaning. An ideal treat for easing teething discomforts, and great even to reduce anxiety. Best of all it is filled with nutrients and is high in protein which is something your pup needs to stay healthy.

  • Cow Tail 6” to 8", great for all size barkers, especially the pups in need of a crunchy snack
  • (Grain-free, Low odor, Single-ingredient, high in protein, filled with essential amino acids, Anxiety reducing, Promotes dental health)
  • (wheat, gluten, grain, and soy-free)
  • Perfect for all size barkers

Cow tails (the dried tails of cows, not the candy) can offer several benefits when given as a treat or chew for dogs:

  1. Dental Health: Chewing on cow tails can help remove plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth. This can be beneficial for maintaining good dental hygiene, which can often be a challenge for many dog owners.

  2. Natural and Unprocessed: Cow tails are usually free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, making them a more natural choice compared to many commercial dog treats.

  3. Mental Stimulation: Like other chews, cow tails can keep dogs occupied and mentally stimulated. They can be especially helpful during times when your dog might be prone to boredom or when you need them to be distracted.

  4. High in Protein: They provide a good source of protein which is an essential nutrient for dogs.

  5. Low in Fat: Compared to some other natural chews, cow tails are relatively low in fat, making them a better option for dogs that need to watch their weight.

  6. Rich in Collagen: Collagen is beneficial for joints and can help with coat health.

  7. Digestibility: Cow tails are often easier on the stomach compared to rawhide or other chews, although individual reactions can vary.

  8. Good for Allergies: For dogs that have sensitivities to certain proteins, cow tails can sometimes be a good alternative, depending on the specific allergies your dog has.

  9. Long-Lasting: They are relatively long-lasting compared to some other natural treats, depending on the chewer's enthusiasm.

Cow Tails

When considering "cows tails" as a treat for dogs, it's essential to recognize the multiple benefits they offer. Cow tails are an excellent choice for pet owners looking for a natural, high-protein, and low-fat chew for their dogs. The protein content in cow tails supports muscle development and overall health, making them a nutritious addition to a dog's diet. Moreover, their low-fat nature makes them a suitable option for dogs on a weight management plan or those prone to weight gain. The natural composition of cow tails means they are free from artificial additives, providing a healthier treat option compared to many commercial dog chews.

The physical structure and tough texture of cow tails also contribute to canine dental health. As dogs chew on these treats, the natural angles and hardness of the cow tails help to gently scrape away plaque and tartar build-up on their teeth. This process of mechanical cleaning is essential for maintaining good oral hygiene, reducing the risk of dental issues, and promoting fresher breath. Cow tails provide a satisfying chewing experience, fulfilling the natural chewing instinct in dogs, which is crucial for their mental stimulation and can help in preventing destructive behaviors at home.

However, it's important for dog owners to supervise their pets when offering cow tails as a treat. Ensuring that the size of the cow tail is appropriate for the dog's size and chewing style is crucial to prevent any risk of choking or digestive blockage. While cow tails are generally safe and digestible, it's always advisable to monitor your dog's reaction, especially if they are new to this type of chew. In summary, cow tails can be a beneficial, enjoyable, and safe treat option for dogs, offering both nutritional benefits and contributing to their overall well-being.

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