Himalayan Yak Chews - Large Size

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Size: 4 Yak Chews
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These large yak chews are great for moderate to aggressive chewers

Bully Sticks Central large himalayan yak cheese dog chews are an all natural delicious premium organic chew that will keep your dog busy for hours. They are made entirely out of yak milk and are the ideal alternative to any other long lasting chew such as rawhide or bully sticks. 

Yaks are a species of cows that reside in high altitudes such as the mountains of Nepal. They have a thick coat of fur that protects them from the frigid temperatures. These animals feed on wild grass and other vegetation, and their milk gives the cheese a very distinctive flavor.

Locally, the cheese is known as Churpi. It is made using only a few ingredients: salt, lime juice, and Yak milk. Yak chews are low in fat and very high in protein.

The Yak Cheese Chew is a product that is widely used by the people of Nepal as a great shelf-stable snack. Now it is available as a hard dog treat for owners who are looking to satisfy the chewing needs of their dog.

Yak chews are considered one of the longest lasting dog chews in the market. If your dog seems bored with their current treats, these Yak Cheese chews are sure to become a quick favorite for them and will keep your dog busy while you relax. 

Benefits of Himalayan Yak Chews for Dogs

Yak Chews for Dogs are 100% Milk Based

These yak chews are made in and imported directly from Nepal. They're 100% milk based with no artificial ingredients, chemicals or preservatives. The sticks are free from gluten and lactose making them very gentle on sensitive stomachs!

Yak Chews are 100% Natural

Skip the processed dog treats, harmful rawhide chews, or plastic dog toys. Give your dog a natural yak chew treat with a delicious flavor they'll drool over for hours. 

Yak Chews are Great for all dog breeds and sizes

The EcoKind yak chews are great for dogs of all sizes and breeds from German Shepards to Beagles. Our nutritious yak chews for dogs are flavorful and vet-appreciated!

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