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Pork Heart Jerky Treats for Dogs - 1LB Bag

Bully Sticks CentralSKU: PIG-HEART-JERKY-1LB

Sale price$24.99

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 50% Min

Crude Fat: 10% Min

Crude Fiber: 4% Max

Moisture: 10% Max

Calorie Content:


This jerky dog treat contains 100% dehydrated pork heart, nothing else!

Pork heart jerky is an all-natural treat that is highly nutritious and contains a good source of fat, iron, thiamin, vitamin B, riboflavin, magnesium and pantothenic acid.

Pork Heart Jerky Highlights:

  • 100% pork organ or striated muscle
  • 100% naturally dehydrated to retain flavor and nutrients
  • No added hormones or preservatives
  • Made in America with American farm-raised swine ONLY

We cut them into 2" to 3" sizes and the average chewing time can range between 15 to 45mins depending on your dog's size.  

Safety Information

Please supervise your dog when giving any treat or chew and ensure your dog has easy access to water before, during, and after treat consumption. Remove small or broken pieces to prevent any potential choking hazard. Please keep in mind your dog's age, health, and current diet conditions when selecting our treats. Our 12" Braided Bully Sticks are rich in protein; If 12" Braided Bully Sticks are a new treat for your dog, we recommend only letting your dog chew about 1 stick at a time to avoid upset stomach due to the increased protein. After they have enjoyed about 3 to 5 sticks over a 3-5 day period, their stomachs should be familiar with the increased protein intake and you can safely treat at your discretion! Please note that beef 12" Braided Bully Sticks are rich in protein; If 12" Braided Bully Sticks are considered a treat/chew and should not make up more than 10% of the daily caloric intake.

Pork heart for dogs

Greetings, fellow dog enthusiasts! Crystal Marshall here, with my ever-energetic Australian Shepherd, Baxter, lounging beside me. I'm constantly researching and learning about the world of canine nutrition. Today, I'm focusing on an unusual but beneficial food for dogs: pork heart.You heard me right, pork heart. This organ meat isn't just good for those episodes of 'MasterChef'; it's also a fantastic source of protein for your furry friends. Just like Baxter needs his protein to keep up with our adventures around Asheville, your dog can benefit immensely from this nutrient-dense food.Protein is essential in a dog's diet as it helps build and maintain muscle mass. As a high-energy breed, Baxter needs all the protein he can get. Let's not forget the vitamin-packed content of pork heart. It's rich in Vitamins B12 and B2, both crucial for cellular energy regeneration.Imagine powering your pup's playtime with a hearty helping of pork heart! Trust me, Baxter's ball fetching sessions have never been more energetic!But wait, there's more! Pork heart is packed with essential minerals like phosphorous, zinc, and iron. These are vital for maintaining your dog's overall health and wellbeing, much like they do in Baxter's life. Iron supports oxygen flow, zinc aids in skin and coat health, and phosphorous works alongside calcium to promote strong bones.So, pork heart for dogs? Absolutely yes! But remember, any dietary changes should be introduced gradually, and when in doubt, always consult your vet.Feeding our dogs is about providing them with the nutrients they need to live their happiest and healthiest lives. As I always say, a healthy dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog makes for a happy pet parent.So, here's to breaking new ground in canine nutrition and to our furry friends' continued health and happiness.Until next time, keep those tails wagging and those appetites hearty!Happy chews and happy trails, Crystal & Baxter

Is pork heart good for dogs?

During a rustic culinary adventure in the heart of Europe, where pork dishes are a cornerstone of traditional cuisine, I chanced upon a dish that Bruno, my ever-curious canine companion, seemed very keen on – the humble pork heart. This led me to dive deep into a pertinent question: Is pork heart good for dogs?

The Nutritional Landscape of Pork Heart

Pork heart isn't just a delicacy in some cultures; it's a treasure trove of nutritional goodness. Rich in protein, iron, and a plethora of essential vitamins and minerals, pork heart is a powerhouse that can aid in building lean muscle mass and fostering overall health in dogs.

Taurine: The Heart's Best Friend

One of the standout components of pork heart is taurine. This essential amino acid plays a pivotal role in maintaining the heart health of our furry pals. And in an era where many commercial dog foods are scrutinized for taurine deficiencies, natural sources like pork heart become even more invaluable.

In Conclusion

While the world offers an array of fascinating foods, not all are fit for our pets. But as far as the pork heart goes, it gets a resounding yes from both nutritionists and, of course, Bruno. So, next time you're pondering on what meaty treat to give your furry friend, remember that pork heart is not only delicious but healthful. After all, it's always heartwarming to provide our pets with heart-healthy choices!

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