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Can dogs eat bully sticks? 

That is a question we get asked often. Thankfully the answer is yes! Bully sticks for dogs are great for calming a dog down. Bully sticks for dogs are made from bull penises that have been dehydrated by baking them during their manufacturing process. Bully sticks can also be used to curb your dogs anxiety as well as to help prevent destructive behavior, and lessen separation anxiety when left alone.

If you're encountering some difficulty with getting your dog to focus on something besides the squirrels outside, bully sticks may be just what you need.

When it comes to choosing treats for dogs, there exist very few options that will last long enough to clean the teeth and help soothe an anxious canine's mind at the same time - Bully Sticks are one of those options. Bully Sticks are non-greasy, which makes them easy on your dog's stomach, and they can even help with sensitive skin.

Bully Sticks have a reputation as being an extremely durable chew, however, it is always important to take into consideration your dog's size and chewing power when determining if a bully stick is the right treat for your dog. Bully Sticks contain lots of protein and calcium, and are also low in fat and highly digestible.

Bully Sticks can be a great way to help with your pup's anxiety while also giving something to focus his attention on. Bully Sticks are also tasty which means that they are an easy way to keep your dog busy while you're trying to get dinner started. Bully Sticks are perfect for teething puppies who still like to put things in their mouths or senior dogs who need something non-perishable that will last throughout the day.

If you have a small puppy whose instinct is to chew, a bully stick is probably one of the best chews you can offer him since they are one of the few dog chews that won't break into small parts which pose a choking hazard. Bully sticks are widely considered to be safe for dogs, however, bully sticks can cause stomach aches in some dogs especially if your dog eats them too quickly. Bully sticks may seem like a great option for both cleaning teeth and calming anxiety but while bully sticks are long lasting they do require supervision. Bully sticks should never be ingested without being thoroughly chewed and Bully Sticks can even be dangerous when consumed by dogs who enjoy swallowing large chunks whole.

Bully Sticks are generally very healthy for dogs however, bully sticks that contain additives or flavoring, or chemicals that are meant to mimic the taste of beef, can cause your pup harm. Bully Sticks without any chemicals, dyes, or additives are non-toxic and safe for your pup to eat. Bully Sticks also provide B vitamins which is great for both mental and physical health - so feel free to give your dog Bully sticks all day long!

There are several sizes of bull sticks and they typically vary in length and thickness. Bully sticks are typically divided into small bully sticks, standard bully sticks, jumbo bully sticks, and monster bully sticks. The right size will depend on how large of a dog you have and how much they typically eat in a day. You can talk to your vet about how many bully sticks are safe for your pet to have per day, depending on their weight and other factors.

Standard Bully Sticks are usually about 0.5 inches in thickness and weight about 16 to 27 grams and they usually come in sizes of 6 and 12 inches. They are preferred by mid-size to smaller breeds who feel the need to constantly chew on something. 

Jumbo Bully Sticks are perfect for those pups with a major chewing habit. Extra dense and full of chewy goodness, this bully stick can keep a dog entertained for hours or even days. Jumbo bully sticks are a bit thicker, around 0.7 inches and weight approximately 28-40 grams.

Last but not least, the Monster Bully Sticks; these are the biggest These the largest and thickest bully sticks, and can keep up with the mightiest of breeds like Great Danes, Mastiffs or St. Bernards easily. These extra thick chews will put up a fight against powerhouse chewers – perfect for doggos looking for some tough love! If regular bully sticks don’t last more than minutes before being torn apart by your pet you may want to try these! They are usually about 1 inch in diameter and weight 76 to 110 grams.

How do I introduce bully sticks into my dog's routine?

Start with one bully stick per day and monitor your dog's behavior during its consumption, try to calculate how long will it take him to finish a whole bully stick. Some dogs can finish a bully stick in a couple of hours, other in a couple of days. Every dog is different so it is important to understand its chewing habits when determining the amount of bully sticks you need to have in stock on a monthly basis.

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