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Free shipping on orders over $79 - Flat Shipping Rate $6.99
Bag of bully sticks for dogs

Are Bully Sticks Safe for dogs?

Bully sticks are a completely safe and healthy alternative to other dog chews, such as rawhide. 

Unlike other manufactured dog chews, our bully sticks are single-ingredient and highly digestible. Bully sticks contain less fat than other types of chew treats like rawhide meaning that it doesn't produce the same stomach upset in dogs as these products can sometimes do. All around, bully sticks make for a great all natural choice when you want an easy treat with minimal ingredients or additives making them ideal even if your dog has sensitivities!

Bully sticks are a safe dog chew that you can trust. They do not have the same safety record as rawhide chews, which often become lodged in dog's intestines when trying to pass it.

At Bully Sticks Central, we want to assure you that all of our products are thoroughly tested before they reach your furry friend’s teeth. We run new product testing panels on everything from dog chews to bully sticks and anything else in between because it is always better safe than sorry when it comes to pet health!

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