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What is the right size of bully stick for your dog?

What is the right size of bully stick for your dog?

There is no one-size-fits all bully sticks, and each bully stick varies in size and shape. For this reason, we always recommend referring to the sizing chart on the product page of your chosen bully stick before making a purchase.

Here is the size chart for your reference: 

Bully Sticks Size Chart

The average length of our pizzle (or cane) style dog chews ranges between 6 and 12 inches . Two sizes will typically fall within the majority of this range:

6 inches: These are what we recommend for dogs 10 lbs and under. Bully sticks in this size range tend to be perfect for dogs that love to chew, but can finish a bully stick quickly . If your dog is more on the lazy side and prefers to lay about, these sizes may also lead to less havoc within your home as they don't last nearly as long as larger sized chews. An average 6" bully stick is enough of a "snack" for most dogs 30-60 minutes, but it will depend on the individual dog.

12 inches: Bully sticks in this range are ideal for dogs 70 lbs and under. Any larger sized breeds can also enjoy these bully sticks as well, but may need more than one per play session depending on their appetite. Bully sticks in this size generally last much longer than shorter puzzle style chews - anywhere from 2-6 hours .


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