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How are Bully Sticks Made? - Bully Sticks Central

There are many different ways of making bully sticks, but here at Bully Sticks Central we follow a rigorous process.

First we clean and store each bully stick in a refrigerated facility. These sticks are then cooked properly to ensure that they're bacteria free and safe for dogs' consumption. The longer these products cook, the less odor there will be! We offer both ant-odor varieties as well as regular ones depending on what you prefer your pup's chewing experience to smell like. 

Our odor-free bully sticks are dried longer, making them less smelly and more durable. After sorting and cutting according to our sizing chart, we hand measure the thickness of each product for quality control purposes. The thicker a bully stick is usually takes longer for dogs to chew it up -and be done with it!

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