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What makes bully sticks odor free?

What makes bully sticks odor free?

When you think of what makes a bully stick, odor free, what are the first things that come to mind? Perhaps something like "because they're dried out," or "they don't have any smell." These answers make sense because what makes bully sticks unique is that they're dehydrated. But what really makes them odor free is that there's no fat on them.

Fat carries flavors and odors; the leaner the product, the less flavor and odor it will have. This is why cow hooves , for instance, aren't meaty tasting but rather more woodsy - because there's very little fat in them so not much to carry a taste. And since they're made by removing water (or in this case, what would be blood), what's left behind is very lean - making bully sticks odor free.

This also explains why bully sticks are long-lasting treats that won't leave your dog with stinky breath. They simply don't have what it takes to make a smell.

So what makes bully sticks so great is what makes them unique: there's no fat on them to carry any flavors or odors, which means they're naturally odorless! That being said, what could make them smell? Sometimes it can be the storage itself that causes them to pick up an order. Make sure you store your bully sticks in a way that doesn't allow for moisture buildup and air contact, such as in an airtight bag or container - and no, a plastic bag is not ideal! If you'd like to see what bully sticks are all about, click here to visit our bully sticks category page

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