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What are gullet sticks

What are gullet sticks

A Gullet stick is a natural raw dog treat. A gulp stick is made out of the trachea and esophagus of an animal with no additional fillers, flavorings or ingredients. 

These gullet sticks are also known as shanks or windpipes. They are located underneath the tongue of cattle, lamb and hog animals. Rest assured there will never be any plastics, chemicals or other harmful substances in your dogs treats because they are pure muscle meat without the fat attached to them.

The gullet sticks come from stockyards where they have been inspected by state inspectors for cleanliness and quality control before pickling in liquid smoke for further preservation. The gullet sticks can then be shipped to commercial pet food manufacturers or they can be sold directly to the public.

These gullet sticks are very palatable, safe and natural for your dog to eat as a treat because there are no chemicals, preservatives or additives in them. What makes them even more beneficial is the fact that they have an excellent source of protein and organs for nutritional benefits and meal replacements. 

If you decide to use gullet sticks as a means to feed your dog then make sure you know what type of animal they came from though in order to avoid any health problems that may arise from eating meat from an unknown animal source. Even with that precaution taken we would still recommend keeping these treats under close supervision while your canine companion is eating them though because like anything edible dogs will eat and swallow anything too quickly if they have it in their possession.

Gullet sticks can also be given to pet dogs that may need weight management care because of medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, heart disease or other forms of inflammatory bowel diseases.   

If you decide to use gullet sticks as a meal replacement for your dog then simply hide them inside their food to mix things up for them and add some flavor variety to their diet. Some owners give gullet sticks to their canine companions raw while others choose to cook them but not over cook them either as cooking destroys the nutrients contained within this healthy treat. Make sure you always rinse off cooked gullet sticks thoroughly before giving them to your dog though after boiling or baking them for over 10 minutes in order to get rid of those harsh cooking smells.

Gullet sticks are also naturally preserved and pickled by liquid smoke and without any need for bromide or other damaging preservatives that can hurt your dogs health in the long run. What makes gullet sticks such a good choice as a dog treat is the fact that they provide excellent nourishment, help with digestion issues and have an appealing flavor your dog will love you for giving him.

At Bully Sticks Central we offer 12 inch, and 6 inch sizes of gullet sticks and we source them from South American grass-fed cattle. 


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