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Bully sticks are a chew treat for dogs.

They come from the bull penises of cattle. Bully sticks have been used by dog owners as a safer alternative to bones, which can splinter and cause harm to your pup's mouth or intestines. Bully sticks also last longer than most bones since they do not break down like them.

How long do you give the treats to your dog?

For small dogs, it is recommended that you don't give them more than four inches of bully stick at one time. For medium-sized dogs, six inches per serving is safe for your pooch to consume without concern of blockage or choking on the pieces if he chews it into smaller bits. Bully sticks are very hard, so it is safe to freeze them to make the treat last longer.

How do you know if a Bully Stick is made on FDA approved equipment?

The best way to tell is by knowing their country of origin. Generally, Bully sticks that come from the U.S. and South America most likely have been produced with care and using high standards of meat sanitation and worker safety protocols. Bully Sticks that come from other places like India and the Middle East might not have been processed or cleaned accordingly. At Bully Sticks Central, we only source bully sticks from South American and U.S. farms. 

Bully sticks nutritional benefits  

High protein content (60% to 70%) make bully sticks an excellent snack that can be given to dogs with sensitive stomachs. Bully sticks contain B vitamins, iron, and calcium that are necessary for a dog's diet. Bully Sticks are not greasy when your pup eats them. This is very helpful if you have a dog with skin allergies!

Are Bully Sticks safe for my dog?

Bully sticks are not recommended for puppies under the age of six months or dogs that will consume large amounts of the treat at one time since they are harder than other treats like milk bones or pig ears. Bully sticks should not replace regular meals; however, Bully sticks make great snacks between meals!

Are there any adverse effects on my dog from Bully Sticks?

If you give Bully sticks to your pup without proper supervision, it may result in symptoms like vomiting, gas, or diarrhea. Bully Sticks are hard treats that can damage your dog's teeth and gums if he chews them too much. Bites that are too large may cause choking since Bully sticks have a strong odor dogs love to smell! Bedding should not be used as an alternative to Bully stick treats and they don't digest very well unless just plain meat is given to your dog. This is because the bully stick also contains the inside of the penis which dogs cannot digest properly.

How long does it take to digest a bully stick?

On average, it can take about three hours for a bully stick to be fully digested. Once ingested, tour dog's stomach will completely digest the meat over that period of time. The only thing left after that process is an inch or less of the tough, fibrous casing around the base of the stick.

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