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White dog barking in the yard

How to stop your dog from barking- Help and Advice

Dogs bark; it's a fact. How to get your dog to stop barking is the number one question pet owners ask vets and animal behaviorists.

In general, there are four reasons why dogs bark: attention, fear, territorialism, and boredom.

How to stop your dog from barking needs to be explored on a case-by-case basis?

It's important not only what the reason behind the barking is, but also where and when it happens. In some cases, you can use the best dog treats for anxiety.

Do you know why your dog barks all the time?

This is the first but perhaps most important question. Dogs often bark due to fear or anxiety, which is completely natural and, in some cases, even necessary for survival. Let's face it; we can't all be silent like little doggies when danger shows up on our door. This is the most difficult type of barking to stop because it's often caused by fear or anxiety. The way to stop your dog from barking would be to pay more attention and spend a lot more time with your pet.

If there is something causing anxiety or fear, it's important to make sure your dog knows everything is ok, that he can calm down and relax.

Does your dog bark in response to another dog barking?

This type of barking is often territorialism-based. It's also one of the most common reasons why dogs bark all the time.

As mentioned before, if your dog barks because of territorialism, it's important to make sure he knows everything is ok and that there is no reason for him to start barking.

Petting your pet while another dog is barking will certainly help in this case, but not always.

What should I do if my dog barks at other animals or people on walks 

This is a very common situation, and there are many reasons why dogs bark at other animals or people.

In most cases, it's fear or anxiety-based- barking to make sure the threat knows that your dog means business… or that he is scared shitless.

What you should do in this case is avoid taking your pet for walks until he can behave properly.

If this is not an option, try taking him for short walks only and avoiding contact with other dogs or people.

This can be very challenging, so it's important to consult with a trainer if you think your pet needs help.

Barking at everything that moves is one of the most difficult problems dog owners have to deal with.

Is there a pattern behind your dog's barking?

This is another very important question, but usually, the more difficult one to answer…

Dogs tend to bark in response to different stimuli throughout the day, so it's not always easy to say whether they are actually barking for attention or simply because they are bored.

You can help your pet by feeding him at times when he usually doesn't bark, so you'll be able to see if barking events are related to food or not.

Dogs tend to bark more often during particular times of the day, like first thing in the morning and later at night (when everyone is trying to sleep).  

This is where "cutting out the noise" comes in…

Why does my dog bark when I leave the house?

Dogs bark as a response to separation anxiety- they don't want their owner to leave, so they do everything in their power to convince them not to go.

The way out of this is pretty simple- the less attention you give your pet, the less he will be interested in barking at you.

Leaving a radio or a  TV set on might help your pet calm down (try to avoid leaving food or water near the TV or radio, though) but make sure you make the separation as short as possible.

This brings us to our next question…

Is my dog barking because he wants something?

Many dogs will bark simply out of boredom. They want more attention, and they want it now.

Make sure you spend a lot of time playing with your dog, giving him more exercise every day, feeding him good quality food, and making sure he has plenty of things to keep him busy.

And don't forget- boredom can also lead to anxiety, so watch out for that as well.

Is my dog barking because he is too hot?

Yes, it can happen if your pet tends to bark a lot during the summer days.

It might be simply because he wants you to take him for a walk or to help him find a nice shady spot where he could cool down.

Just keep an eye on things and try not to stay outside for too long during the day.

Does my dog bark when he is happy?

Yes, they do! Dogs are usually fine with barking as long as it's not excessive and continuous.

If your pet barks because he is excited or happy about something- like seeing you after a long day at work.

Does your dog bark at anything he sees moving?

This type of barking is often based on boredom.

One way to stop your dog from barking would be making sure you pet him for a longer time every day, several times if possible.

It will help teach your dog to do something on command, like sit and stay.

If he barks at something moving in his line of sight, make him do the trick and reward him with treats or dog love when he's done it right.

Do Dog Treats Work for Anxiety?

Yes.  This is probably the best way to stop dog barking.

For some dogs, dog chews such as bully sticks and antlers help immensely with stress and anxiety-related problems.

If your dog gets anxious or nervous often you can try giving him some or all of these:

Normally bully sticks works as the best dog treats for anxiety.

Chocolate – although not actually toxic to dogs, chocolate can make a dog very sick.

A little bit of chocolate won't hurt, but just be really careful about what your dog gets into when you're not looking.

  • Sugar-free candy – some sugar-free candies are actually sweetened with xylitol which is toxic to dogs.
  • If your dog eats something like gum or breath mints that contain xylitol, he'll need immediate veterinary attention.
  • Onions and garlic – while small amounts of these won't hurt your dog, it's not recommended to feed him too much because they can cause digestive problems and possibly trigger anemia.
  • Raw dough – never feed your dog any kind of raw dough, even if it's made with human-grade ingredients.
  • Raw dough can expand in your dog's stomach and cause GI problems – or even worse – make him choke on it.

Is there any specific time when your dog barks?

This type of barking  is often territorialism-based. It's also one of the most common reasons why dogs bark all the time.

As mentioned before, if your dog barks because of territorialism it's important to make sure he knows everything is ok and that there is no reason for him to start barking.

Petting your pet while another dog is barking will certainly help in this case, but not always.

If you know what time of day your dog barks the most and why he does it, it will be easier to stop him from barking altogether.

What are some things to try when you're home with your pup

What can you do to train your dog not to bark in certain situations

What is the best way to stop my dog from barking?

There is no quick fix for any type of barking mentioned above.

In general, the best way to stop your dog from barking is making sure he gets enough physical and mental exercise every day and giving him all the love and attention you can.

It's also important not to punish your pet for barking as it will only make the situation worse.

Caring for a dog is a big responsibility, but also a lot of fun.

You can always try picking up some dog treats for being quiet and calm as a reward, but if it doesn't work out, don't worry about your pet.

Dogs bark, that's just how they communicate with us. Some dogs might be barking more than others, but there is no reason why that should be a problem.

The most important thing is making sure your dog gets enough exercise and attention on a daily basis.

You can also try treating him for being quiet as sometimes it helps not only to stop the barking, but also to teach your pet some manners.

In general, there are four reasons why dogs bark: for attention, because of fear or anxiety, to communicate with other dogs and in response to another dog's barking.

In order not to get frustrated by your pet's constant barking, it's important to understand what type of bark you're dealing with.

Letting a professional trainer deal with the problem will often yield better results than trying on your own so it's better to leave the barking to the experts.

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